Educator User License
for Enrolled Students

Addressing the need of an educator to participate in and monitor the transition of enrolled students. The license enables an institution to deploy a structured student transition management approach through user hierarchy within the institution.

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Institutional User License Hierarchy - Privileges, Roles, Responsibilities. Head of the institution – Principal or President or Dean of the educational institution.

View Student Interests

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View Dashboards, Generate Reports

Share Information & Organize Interest Based Events

Privileges include

  • Get an overview of students interest or career choices
  • Review overall student transition progress
  • Use student interest information to facilitate educators or employers or influencers visit to campus and other relevant events and opportunities


  • Official who represents the institution and undertakes the software onboarding responsibilities

Responsibilities include

  • Procurement of user license
  • Bulk signup for students
  • Facilitator appointment on the platform
  • Allocation of multiple student licenses to facilitators
  • Review or facilitation of license usage