Transform Transition Management Model

Transition Execution Program / Implement/ Implement Plus Plan


Provides user with tools that help in execution of Extra-Curricular Interest/ Passion Plan. Plan must be implemented and implementation requires efficient tools and management of resources.


Plus Plan Progress


Progress Report; Journey Timeline Report


Implement Plus Plan is the third step under Implement Module of Transition Execution Program. It supports a user in implementing the plan in several ways including project management, networking, portfolio, stakeholder involvement etc.

As in the case of Exposure/ Experience and Learning Plans, the system assists the user in completion of tasks listed in Plus Plan.

As an example, the tasks identified could include organizing a football coach, displaying the work of fine arts, facilitating performance amidst relevant audience, arranging participation in relevant expeditions etc.

This step will also encourage a user to connect with organizations/ groups/ societies/ clubs for the purpose of gaining relevant exposure and displaying performance in the field of choice.

The Portfolio tool here plays a huge role in marketing the talent/ interest of a user to the relevant agencies including talent hunt companies. The Portfolio could include details and examples of involvement in performing arts, visual arts, sports etc.