Transform Transition Management Model

Transition Execution Program / Implement/ Implement Experience/ Exposure Plan


Provides user with tools that help in execution of experience/ exposure plan. Plan must be implemented and implementation requires efficient tools and management of resources.


Experience/ Exposure Plan Progress


Progress Report; Journey Timeline Report


Implement Experience/ Exposure Plan is the first step under Implement Module of Transition Execution Program. This step supports the user in Exposure/ Experience Plan implementation in several ways including project management, networking, portfolio, stakeholder involvement and other.

This step connects individuals with organizations/ groups/ societies/ clubs for the purpose of gaining relevant exposure and experience in the field of choice.

The system generates internship/ externship applications for a user for the purpose of exposure to the selected option. Being an intern gives real-world experience of what is it like to be in a particular work environment. At any stage during the program, a user is free to revisit the choice based on new development, new information or new experience.

The portfolio tool helps a user to showcase his/ her profile and achievements to the organizations of choice.

The project management tool allows to stay on top of the activities and manage them well.

The stakeholder involvement ensures required support and enables a user to progress as a team along with facilitator, parent and any other invited member who can view and support the progress as an influencer.