Transform Transition Management Model

Transition Planning Program/ Design/ Finalize the Learning Options and Career Choices


Allows an individual to select learning and career choice. Making a career choice is a function of detailed research and deployment of efficient comparison tools.


Understanding of learning options


Justification Document for Learning Choices; Journey Timeline Report


Finalize the Learning Options and Career Choices is the second step under Design Module of Transition Planning Program. This step enables a user to compare different areas of interest and allows a user to make a choice and justify the same using arguments from the research.

The system offers tools to get a high level view of how each option scores differently in different aspects such as earnings, personal wellbeing, interest, goals, do-ability, industry outlook, growth options and more. The comparison dashboard allows a user to view strengths and weaknesses of each option. It further allows a user to make a choice and create a justification document. The career choice could be one or multiple.

The justification document consists of all the pieces of information which a user had referred to and had designated as relevant for the purpose of a considering a particular career option.