Transform Transition Management Model

Transition Planning Program/ Design/ Explore Learning Opportunities


Allows an individual to conduct structured research on learning options. One must explore learning options in detail so that it becomes easy to conduct comparison between the shortlisted learning options and associated work options.


Understanding of learning options


Journey Timeline Report


Explore Learning Opportunities is a 1st step under Design Module of Transition Planning Program. It focuses on requirements and dynamics of each career choice for the purpose of conducting comparisons and making an informed choice.

It is important to get an overview, understand the learning options and know about the future outlook as well. If the industry and profession related details look encouraging, it is also important to identify how much time and effort may be required in meeting the learning requirements for the work. Once an individual is more or less clear about what formal qualification or program one must sign up for, it is also important to know about skill, training, certification, licensing or personality requirements and finally what is the level of difficulty, the time and effort required in achieving the professional goal.

The step enables understanding of the learning opportunities. The purpose of the entire exercise is to progress willingly with complete preparedness and to make an individual self-motivated, decisive and confident.