Transform Transition Management Model

Transition Planning Program/ Discover/ Shortlist Career Options


Allows an individual to review results from Step 1 and Step 2 to shortlist career options. The Step also allows an individual to list the areas of interest in addition to work preferences. Making a career choice is a multi-step process and shortlisting is an activity that must be done cautiously as each shortlisted option requires a justification option for comparison.


Work areas marked as shortlisted career options and also areas of interest to be pursued alongside work.


Justification Document for Career Options; Journey Timeline Report


Shortlist career options is the third step under Discover Module of Transition Planning Program that uses information from previous steps to make career choices.

It is important to note that the process does not restrict a user to select career choices only on the basis of his/ her validated traits/ skills or RIASEC codes. A user is free to shortlist any number of options regardless of validated work skills/ traits. This is because work skills and other traits develop/ change over a period of time based on one's efforts and experiences.

An important feature of Transform Transition Management Model is that it does not recommend any career choice based on information received on the world of work and self. An individual goes through the journey to finally arrive at some well researched options as possible career choices.