Transform Transition Management Model

Transition Planning Program/ Discover/ Discover World of Work


Gives an overview and understanding of the World of Work. This step ensures that individuals have basic information about various sectors, industries, occupations etc. and how each of them look in terms of growing/ declining prospects, demand/ supply, overall attractiveness etc.


Understanding of the world of work


Journey Timeline Report

It is important to understand the occupational dynamics prior to working towards it and venturing full time into the world of work. Discover World of Work is the second step under Discover Module of Transform Transition Planning Program which allows an individual to understand 1) how the world of work is broadly structured and 2) what are the key highlights of different industries, occupations and jobs.

In terms of the structure of the world of work, individuals need to understand how a particular sector/field of work has multiple industries/ cluster under it and how each industry/ cluster has several career pathways and how that further segregates into professional/ skilled jobs. For example, it is important to know that being a Pilot is a Skilled Job under the Aviation Industry which is a part of the Transportation Sector.

In the Step WORLD OF WORK is created to help individuals understand the way occupations are grouped. It is used to ensure that individuals have information about various fields, sectors, industries and occupations prior to working towards their educational and employment goals.