Transform Transition Management Model

Transition Execution Program/ Monitor/ Re-validate/ Re-set Plan


Allowing user to re-validate/ re-set action plan. It is a dynamic world and no plan could be future proof. There could be major slips in the timeline or complete change of mind over the course of transition which is why it is important to keep it flexible.


Plan review/ revalidation


Progress Report; Journey Timeline Report; Dashboard


Re-validate/ Re-set Plan is the last step under Monitor Module of Transition Execution Program. The step allows a user to either re-validate the original action plan or even re-set the same as required.

As one cannot afford to ignore changes in the world of work, it is necessary to continuously monitor the international, national and local markets and its impact on a particular shortlisted option.

The above may lead to a requirement to slightly or significantly change the career choice/ related tasks. Further any new piece of information/ new exposure/ new development with respect to a user may change his/ her outlook on the career choice/ related tasks and hence this again may require to somewhat change the career choice/ related activities in the action plan.

This step is created to allow a user some flexibility in his options. It is the will of a user to slightly/ significantly change his/ her earlier choices in view of important changes noted. Having said that such important tasks suitably involve the facilitator as applicable.

In case of a plan reset, particularly a change in choice, a user is again required to create a justification document to again substantiate his choice with arguments in favor of the change.