Transform Transition Management Model

Transition Execution Program / Monitor/ Progress Review & Reporting


Generating review reports and dashboards. Plan implementation must be accompanied by reasonable monitoring which require regular review mechanism and progress reports.


Progress Review


Progress Report; Dashboard


Progress Review & Reporting is the first step under Monitor Module of Transition Execution Program. It entails supervision, reviews, reporting for overall monitoring of the transition management process.

Whatever gets monitored and followed up - gets done. Monitor is not the last phase of the Transition Management Model, it is a continuous process of assessing the status of each step in the journey.

Monitoring is an essential part of Transform Transition Management Model purported to positively and actively support student’s and family’s Transition Management Process.

This step includes periodic meetings to review the status and progress on the Action Plan. It generates report at the completion of each step and multiple times during the ongoing execution as required. It also compares the progress against the target and highlights deviations, if any.