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Using a combination of 65+ years of science in soft skills, bite-size video simulations, and industry-recognised digital certificates, Am I Job Ready – powered by PSI – provides educators and organisations with a single platform to assess, develop, track progress and report on career readiness & employability. As the preferred talent assessment partner of SHRM, PSI leverages best practises in HR to better prepare future leaders with the competencies for success in the 21st Century workforce.

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Who Uses Am I Job Ready ?

The Am I Job Ready platform is used by a range of organizations to drive competency-based learning initiatives that prepare individuals with the employability skills that business leaders say are essential to success in the 21st Century workforce like initiative, decision-making, and teamwork. Companies also use Am I Job Ready for recruitment and employee engagement programmes as well as to develop next-generation leaders with the right soft skills to grow with their business.

Higher Education


Workforce Development

Individuals Seeking Personal Development

HR & Recruiting

Employee Engagement and Development


Soft Skills Assessment

Used in industry and backed by more than 65 years of science, the 16pf personality assessment provides insights into how each user is naturally “wired” within 16 career competencies such as problem-solving, coping with pressure and customer focus. From this single workplace personality assessment, which only takes about 15 minutes to complete, users receive 4 personalised reports detailing their strengths, personality, culture fit and career interest fit.

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Career Competency Development

Our team of I/O psychologists created 16 bite-size, interactive soft skill training videos that cover the foundation of each competency to help users connect the dots to how the skill may be exhibited in their daily lives. The videos break down the key behaviours it takes to demonstrate each competency in the workplace and finishes with sample interview questions as well as a real-world application question.

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Skill Mastery Tests

Situational judgement tests allow individuals to measure proficiency and demonstrate mastery of each of the 16 workplace competencies. As each skill is mastered, users earn a digital credential, which appears in their digital profile and can be shared on social media.

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Tracking & Reporting Dashboard

Put the power of data behind your soft skill training or competency-based learning initiatives. The administrator dashboard allows institutions to explore and visualise data at the individual level, within groups, or even across the entire organisation.

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